Reflections of Koh Gay - from Daniel and Shih Mei, Auckland NZ.

Daniel and Mei are lovely friends who studied with KG at the University of Oregon and I am so glad to have their sharing...

I got to know Koh Gay when Alvin and I transited in Hawaii in 1984, on our way to the U of Oregon.  About a year later, he transferred to join us at Eugene and stayed in the same apartment complex.

I remember him as the tall and lanky “panjang” who was into running and cycling, computer science and psychology.  Back then, he was the first (or perhaps only) person we knew who owned a personal computer (not sure a Jobs or Gates) while all of us were cranking our Olivetti.

While the rest of us moved on in life, we were aware of Koh Gay’s constant battle with depression and mental illness; and we would pray, support and encourage him.  Thanks to his church at Evangel and mate Alvin, we were kept informed of his situation.

For a number of years while we were still living in Singapore in the 1990s, my wife Mei and I would host dinners at our home. Koh Gay would be spending time with all the children, playing and chatting with them.  The children enjoyed the company of Uncle Koh Gay very much, and remember those times even as they are young adults now.

Thanks to email and WhatsApp, Koh Gay would keep in touch, sharing his thoughts and insights (usually deep and profound) on many topics including religion, politics and sports.

When I was back in Singapore in April this year, lunch was organised at Chin Chin (Hainanese chicken rice and pork chop, etc) and only Koh Gay, Alvin, Simon and I could make it.  Never would I have thought that would be our last meal together!

Koh Gay, we know you are in a better place now.  After years of battling, you can finally rest and be in the company of our Heavenly Father.  You are finally set free!

Daniel & Shih Mei


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