A Tribute from KG's cousin Mrs Annie Tan from Perth.

Good evening family and friends 

My name is Annie and my husband is Koh Gay's cousin. Their mothers are sisters. I guess I'm a cousin in law. On behalf of my husband who is in South Africa and so unable to be here and our family, I wish to say to Liza we share her grief and pain over the loss of her beloved brother who is as much a brother to us. In fact, my Mil was his Godmother. I recall my husband used to tell me how Liza and her brother would come over to their house to stay with them as children. And over the years the cousins have stayed close.

Strangely Liza and I also found out after I joined the family that we actually share some mutual friends. 
Her Hwa Chong classmates turned out to be my ex VJ C colleagues and she never fails to try to arrange get togethers for us. So over the years our relationship has continued to grow. So perhaps God had already planned this affinity between Liza, her brother and myself. 

In the last three years however when I started to share with Koh Gay how God has been using me to bring healing for broken and emotionally damaged people , he started to share more of his struggles with me especially during my trips back to Spore.

I'm privileged indeed that he felt safe to confide in me his pain and struggles and how much he wanted to be healed of the mental condition that had plagued him for more than 20 years. He wanted so much to lead a normal life, to marry, to have a family and to be free of all the pain that held him in bondage. He never gave up hope. He did question why healing was taking so long. 

In spite of his challenges he was always encouraging me and very supportive of our work to bring healing to the wounded and hurting. He was always eager to hear what I have to share about what God showed us in the healing ministry. Sadly he found it hard to apply although he never failed to be full of enthusiasm and awe at the goodness of God for his hurting people. My only comfort is he did feel much peace on many occasions. 

In fact he was so looking forward to a seminar my church is doing in 2 weeks’ time in Spore. He had registered and even volunteered to help in administrative duties. That so characterises Koh Gay. Always wanting to help and give generously of himself. 

So tonight I want to remember him as truly a faithful disciple of Jesus Christ. His whole attitude was one of service and help. Always kind and gentle. Generous and always putting others before him. Nothing was too inconvenient for him if it meant someone's needs could be met. I remember recently when I showed my cracked iPhone to him. He took it immediately to Sim Lim. He replaced the glass, put on a protective screen and returned it to me on the very day. Such is his generous and caring spirit. When he came to visit us in Perth last year my pastor said she had never met a man with such a sweet spirit. Humble and gentle.

On my last visit when we could not catch up he rushed to the airport to just have coffee with us. In the words of my friend from Perth, “Koh Gay is gentle, kind and generous. There was strength and genuine appreciation of friendship. I felt this in his farewell handshake in Changi Airport.”

KG always placed great value on family unity and friendship. Having come from a broken home, he was particularly affected by troubled marriages. He knew what dysfunctional families can do to children. 
His passion was for the children with special needs. He volunteered tirelessly in all projects involving them. 
His heart was tender and full of love.

But such fragility sometimes makes it hard to withstand the vicissitudes of life. His favourite question to me was, “Why can't people acknowledge their pain and hurt and go seek help?” I have no clear answers. He was an idealist I guess he wanted to fix the world.

But I believe he was someone who knew God created him for a purpose. He wanted to fulfill his God given mission. I think despite all the limitations, he has fought the good fight, finished the race and kept the faith. He did live life to the fullest as far as he was able. 

And to KG I want to say this. God is not interested in what position we come in he is only concern that we finish the race.

KG has made a difference and the world is a better place because KG was here. And I know He will hear this from the Lord, “Well done my good and faithful servant!”

To Liza your brother was good and he never wanted anything but good for everyone especially  His loved ones. I will miss a dearly beloved brother in Christ and a good friend.


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