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Our last gift from Koh Gay.

We all received gifts of tea from KG at our last gathering.  He knew that I love tea esp English Breakfast from Twinnings and being the practical person that he is, I suspect he got all of my friends Twinnings Tea.

In Rev 22:2, tea is said to be used for healing the nations and indeed, we are called to heal the nations through God's Euangelion or Good News!  God has sent Jesus into our world so that we can be saved and healed, to give freedom to those who are chained and sight to those who are blind.

Somehow, we will be drinking Twinnings Tea in a different light, with fond memories of a great friend.  Thank you so much dearest brother for the tea, and more importantly, the message of the tea.

Then the Angel showed me Water-of-Life River, crystal bright. It flowed from the Throne of God and the Lamb, right down the middle of the street. The Tree of Life was planted on each side of the River, producing twelve kinds of fruit, a ripe fruit each month. The leaves of the Tree are for he…

The Goat that was a Tiger! Sharon Lee, Foster City, California.

Hi Alvin,  This is the best I can do as I think fondly of Koh Gay. Thank you Alvin for introducing me to him. Thank you Alvin for showing us how to have a great time. Although my meetings with Koh Gay were few but those times were very meaningful. I also know how much frustrations you had to endure when KG has his demons. But I am sure KG also had to deal 100 x more too. Yes I was crying when I wrote this - still sad as I think about him.  Sharon

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tall, shy, sensitive, generous, big-hearted, quiet and... surprising. He was a tiger who liked to keep to the back of the pack, happy to follow, but was quick in stepping forward to help his friends whenever the need arose. I love this photo of Koh Gay because, even in his midst of a serious conversation, his smile was often infectious. And this photo also reminds me of his love for kids and his desire to be a positive influence on them.

Small actions, BIG Impact!

Koh Gay's Eulogy on 3 Oct 17
by Vincent Chan from COOS

Pardon me if I appear a bit disorganised as I just wrote this eulogy on my Samsung Note while on the way here by bus to the wake. As I was praying on the bus, I changed the most appropriate words to describe KG as Small Actions, Big Impact from Fight the Good Fight.

On Sun, 1 Oct while I was in church worshipping at abt 9am, I opened my WhatsApp text from Bro Francis How, Chairman of Men@COOS sent to HealthServe grp chat at abt 7.30am that bro KG had passed on. That shocked me but the next text Bro Francis sent was how he passed on affected me so badly that I could not worship anymore, standing in church rather numb.

I got to know bro KG only barely a few months ago thru COOS. Being part of the Men@COOS network of abt 200 men, he came occasionally to some of our events. However, I came up real close with him when bro Marcus & I met him on 28 Aug at 2pm at CCK Econ Medicare Centre as m@c had partne…

A Tribute from KG's cousin Mrs Annie Tan from Perth.

Good evening family and friends 
My name is Annie and my husband is Koh Gay's cousin. Their mothers are sisters. I guess I'm a cousin in law. On behalf of my husband who is in South Africa and so unable to be here and our family, I wish to say to Liza we share her grief and pain over the loss of her beloved brother who is as much a brother to us. In fact, my Mil was his Godmother. I recall my husband used to tell me how Liza and her brother would come over to their house to stay with them as children. And over the years the cousins have stayed close.
Strangely Liza and I also found out after I joined the family that we actually share some mutual friends.  Her Hwa Chong classmates turned out to be my ex VJ C colleagues and she never fails to try to arrange get togethers for us. So over the years our relationship has continued to grow. So perhaps God had already planned this affinity between Liza, her brother and myself. 
In the last three years however when I started to share with …

Sharing from Anne Wong-Png - KG's involvement in Family Inclusion Network.

Good morning family and friends of brother Koh Gay,
I met KG sometime 2nd quarter of 2011 when he responded to FIN’s call for volunteers. Family Inclusion Network - FIN in short, was founded by Gerald & I with a group of passionate believers, comprising families and volunteers who desires to see the inclusion of children and persons with special needs in our church and the larger community.
I enlisted Koh Gay right away to work alongside us on the launch of FIN at COOS as I sensed in this forthcoming and well-spoken intellect, a great passion for our cause! Koh Gay was totally focused on his task from the start and constantly challenged me (sometimes cornering me!) to think beyond my boundaries. Yet, his gentle and caring side was evidenced when he bonded with our young persons with different abilities. He was candid and would share his personal challenges with them. My daughter, Cheryl and her friends called him “Gor Gor” Koh Gay.         
We worked well together as we share the s…

Sharing from Mei Koh, Sunshine Ministry @ COOS.

Good Evening family, relatives and friends of Koh Gay,
My name is Mei Koh, I oversee Sunshine Ministry in Church of Our Saviour, the ministry that koh Gay served for the last three years. I got to know him in July this year when I joined church full time. Sunshine ministry serves children with special needs.
My heart is heavy and sorrowful at the departure of Koh Gay, who has been very dear to many of us in Church of Our Saviour, but we take comfort that he is now resting in the arms of our lovely Father in eternity without pain and suffering. 
For all these 30 years, inspite of his mental medical condition, he served selflessly - to his mother with dementia; in the church and outside church -  to reach out to the poor and needy.  Those who know Koh Gay would agree with me that he is a man full of compassion, kindness and gentleness. He never wanted to be a burden to anyone but always seek to bless and serve others.   
Koh Gay served in Sunshine Ministry with great commitment and dedica…

Reflections of Koh Gay - from Daniel and Shih Mei, Auckland NZ.

Daniel and Mei are lovely friends who studied with KG at the University of Oregon and I am so glad to have their sharing...

I got to know Koh Gay when Alvin and I transited in Hawaii in 1984, on our way to the U of Oregon.  About a year later, he transferred to join us at Eugene and stayed in the same apartment complex.
I remember him as the tall and lanky “panjang” who was into running and cycling, computer science and psychology.  Back then, he was the first (or perhaps only) person we knew who owned a personal computer (not sure a Jobs or Gates) while all of us were cranking our Olivetti.
While the rest of us moved on in life, we were aware of Koh Gay’s constant battle with depression and mental illness; and we would pray, support and encourage him.  Thanks to his church at Evangel and mate Alvin, we were kept informed of his situation.

For a number of years while we were still living in Singapore in the 1990s, my wife Mei and I would host dinners at our home. Koh Gay would be spendin…

Homily by Rev Dr Mark Chan, Earnest Lau Professor of Systematic Theology. TTC


1st Wake at St Joseph's Church - 2 Oct

Pic borrowed from Harry SK Tan

It was a very special and meaningful evening last night as we remembered KG. We (Evangel Church) were very privilege to be given the chance to lead and the program was put together by Celia. It was to be a simple service conducted by Rev Dr Mark Chan. KG was baptised in the early 1990s at Evangel and I recalled his words said in jest, "Now you all are responsible for me..."  and so indeed we are and it has been our great joy to do so.

Designed by the very talented Benny Tan - in such short notice!
We sang Great is Thy Faithfulness played  so well by Ting Ting then I shared the Eulogy with my best friend Simon helping me with the reading of Psalm 6:6-9,  a passage that KG shared with us before his death. It was understandably hard to read as "Wordsmith" Kenneth Tan commented, the words were too close to the heart.
I am worn out from my groaning All night long I flood my bed with weeping and drench my couch with tears My eyes grow weak…

Eulogy for KG - Ps Alvin Lee, Riverton Baptist Community Church, Perth.

I wrote this Eulogy while I was in the overnight bus back to Spore yesterday. And my sweet and dear sister Sharon Lee put her talent to good use to do the design.  Get to know this great guy!

Eulogy for KOH GAY – 2 Oct 2017                                                
Good evening family and friends.
Thank you for making the effort to come tonight. Your presence brings much comfort and solidarity in this sad moment. My name is Alvin and like you, our hearts are broken and sorrowful. A very important candle of light has suddenly and unexpectedly been extinguished from our lives.
But we do not gather as a people with no hope because Koh Gay is now safe in the arms of Jesus and we will see Him again one day. Allow me to honour him with a few words that I trust will give you a small snapshot of the great person that he is.
I’ve known Koh Gay since we were 15 yr olds at ACS and one of his nick names was Colgate. I’ve been very privileged to be his friend and his brother these 40 years. KG wa…