My dear friend and brother Koh Gay passed away 30 Sep 2017

This simple blog is a tribute to my good friend and brother Koh Gay who left us suddenly and unexpectedly. He was an amazingly kind and caring person who loved his God, his family, his friends as well those who are marginalised and underprivileged.

I got a text from his sister Liza while I was crossing a river on a ferry 90km south of Klang in West Malaysia that he had committed suicide. I was stunned and shocked and wondered if it was just an attempt or was it for real. After all, he had tried this twice some 10 years ago. My stomach started to churn when the reality sank in and the rest of my LTF Adventure trip was hard to enjoy.

I got to know him when we were classmates in Anglo Chinese School in Sec 3, in 1977. He was tall and I was short. He was shy and I was not. He loved running and I love cycling. But somehow, we got along very well and together with my best friend Simon Fong, Cher Young and other friends like Siow Heng, Yoon Yee and Daniel, we have journeyed through life for nearly 40 years as a gang.

ACS Class of 1978 - KG is 4th from right, back row.  Im somewhere in the centre in front, dark glasses.

Very glad my sister Sharon did this video some 7 years ago when we went out for lunch.

Will upload more later... Funeral service starts in 5 hrs.


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